Turn your canteen’s biowaste into energy

Sorting, collection, and valorization of biowaste for the fight against food wastage : we help canteens change the way that wasted food is handled


Our mission is to offer innovative solutions to tackle 4 major issues:

  • One-third of the global food produced is currently wasted depleting a huge amount of natural resources;
  • The biowaste we produce ends up being incinerated or buried, polluting the atmosphere when it could create renewable energy;
  • 35 % of people in urban areas say they lack information about how and why to sort out
  • The way we grow, produce, consume and manage food is not enough seen like a collective mission whereas feeding ourselves is something central in our lives, societies, economies.

But, it doesn’t need to be this way.

Love Your Waste works with canteens in companies, schools, and hospitals to provide them a turn-key solution to minimize food waste and convert biowaste to new resources thanks to anaerobic digestion.

The approach is collaborative, innovative, and complies with food waste laws and regulations, while also being a unifying influence on teams and communities around a strong social project that anticipates tomorrow’s challenges.

Our goal is to choose the best solutions to implement so as to minimize the impacts on the environment and at the same time to reinforce the social benefits. Through our actions, our ultimate mission is to promote circular economy, renewable energies and education towards living more responsibly.


A simple, innovative and integrated solution around 3 key activities :


  • Collecting biowaste : Love Your Waste implements a customizable selective sorting process in canteens, adaptive schedule of daily collections, transportation of biowaste to a bio-gas plant (in partnership with long term unemployed people from the community), and displays environmental responsibility for the collected biowaste by promoting biofuel vehicles and waterway transport.
  • Raising awarness : Training sessions, workshops, and communication campaigns made by Love Your Waste are designed to sensitize and empower the canteens’ population to understand the necessity of reducing food wastage and increasing recycling.
  • Advising decision makers : Love Your Waste uses specialised consultancy services to minimize the quantity of food wastage, measure the social and environmental impact on the community, and aggregate data to inform stakeholders and improve upon successful methods.

Our Social and Environmental impact

We care about measuring our impact on the society.

Our expected impact at the begenning of the adventure :

Environmental impact : Creating renewable energy (biowaste collected is transformed into biogas and natural fertilizers through anaerobic digestion); Reducing envionmental footprint (green transportation of biowaste, avoiding burning biowaste and reusing our waste as raw material)

Social impact : Educating people working and eating in canteens about the direct environmental and social effects and benefits of our process ; Training people working and eating in canteens to sort biowaste.

Economic impact : Offering job opportunities to long-term unemployed people in charge of collecting biowaste and delivering them to a plant ; Participating in the development of a European green economy

In 2 years, we have collected around 105 tons of biowaste.

So far our activities 

  • Created enough biogas to drive the equivalent of 8 times around the planet.
  • Created enough natural fertilizers to cover the equivalent of 84 football fields.
  • Reduced the CO₂ emissions by 25% for every tonne of biowaste collected due to the anaerobic digestion process.
  • Raised awareness of 7,500 people thanks to innovative and creative workshops.
  • Given work opportunities to 8 long term unemployed people, 4 of whom have found a long term job immediately following their work experience with us.

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